A Time of Change

The last couple of weeks have been weird. That’s the only word for it. WEIRD! I am now free and clear until I start final year in August so what am I doing until then? Well, actually, I’m going to Texas for 5 months. Random I know but when these opportunities come knocking, you have to grab them with both hands. Unfortunately I’m not really able to tell you much about it other than the fact I am VERY excited! (Hint: Note the addition of ‘occasional production assistant’ to my twitter bio) The whole thing is a bit surreal but it has brought forward something I’ve been dreading for months. At the end of this year a lot of my friends will graduate and most likely leave Edinburgh. This is bitter sweet. On one hand I am incredibly proud of all of them and can’t wait to hear about them getting their first jobs, but on the other I’m disappointed that I won’t be joining them and not looking forward to university without them. Don’t get me wrong, I have some fantastic friends in other years but they aren’t the people that I have shared a lecture theatre with for the last 4 years, they aren’t the ones that I have sat next to every day since freshers. By the time I get back from Texas the majority of the current final year will have moved on to greener pastures meaning that I am having to say my goodbyes now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m never going to see them again, it’s just that it’s the end of an era! As you can probably tell, I am feeling a little conflicted about the whole thing! Saying bye to most of my closest friends one-by-one while trying to get ready for my Texas adventure has become a bit of an emotional balancing act. To be quite frank my natural reaction is to bury my head in the sand. This is what I’m best at and tends to be my go-to move but an action that on this occasion I would regret so, though it may be painful, I have spent the last few weeks getting closure. So it has been weird. But it’s getting better!Ok, therapy over! Sorry for venting but once again, I promised to be honest.So, now I need to end on a thank you and an apology. Thank you for sticking by me over the last month or so as I’ve got the website back up and running. Not everything is back up yet but it should be soon. As you can tell, it’s been a bit hectic over the last couple of weeks so the limiting factor at the moment is time!The apology is for the lack of original material over the last month or so. Again this is simply due to a lack of time. I have been getting ready to leave for my new job, getting the website back up, studying and answering the avalanche of e-mails you have all been sending me. It is fantastic to hear from you all and learning about all of your interviews and offers makes every moment spent in front of a computer worth it!Thanks for your ongoing support!Charlotte Xxx. As one of the best one-ton vans you can buy, the ford transit custom sport offers the practicality of short and long wheelbases with the performance of a 2.2-litre TDCi diesel engine. Other leading design features include an ergonomic driving position with great visibility, and an easy to use dashboard.

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